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Home Remodeling Services in Sacramento CA

At Ponjevic Construction LLC, we redefine spaces to match your dreams. Whether you’re eyeing a luxurious bathroom upgrade, envisioning a modern kitchen revamp, or seeking to invigorate your home with home remodeling services in Sacramento CA, we bring precision craftsmanship to every corner of your residence.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at homes; we also remodel commercial properties, adapting each project to reflect your professional aesthetic and functional needs. Our specialized teams focus on creating environments that inspire and function seamlessly. Beyond interiors, our landscaping services promise to turn outdoor spaces into serene retreats or vibrant areas perfect for entertaining.

Every brush stroke is full of dedication, and the tile laid shows our expertise. Your space will be a true reflection of you—crafted with care and designed with passion. Whether it’s for entertainment or business, let us build your vision. Turn your everyday spaces into extraordinary places with us!


Our Mission

To renovate spaces through superior craftsmanship, innovative design, and local expertise, ensuring every project exceeds our client's expectations.


Our Vision

To be Sacramento's leading construction firm, recognized for our commitment to sustainability, community, and creating functional, beautiful environments.

Our Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Process - Ensuring Excellence

Our process for residential bathroom remodeling services in Sacramento CA, is designed to ensure excellence every step of the way.

Consultation: We understand your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs.

Design: Our experts craft a unique layout to enhance aesthetics.

Material Selection: Choose high-quality materials that fit your taste and budget.

Construction: Our skilled team works carefully, keeping you updated throughout.

Final Review: We ensure everything is perfect and meets your expectations before completion.

With our residential kitchen remodeling services in Sacramento, CA, every remodel is a seamless journey from concept to completion, crafted to perfection.

Our Landscaping Dedication to Commercial Remodeling

In addition to our residential remodeling, our dedication to professional commercial landscaping services in Sacramento CA, is unmatched, focusing on sustainable and striking designs.

Site Evaluation: Assessing the landscape’s potential to match your commercial needs

Design Planning: Creating visually appealing and functional outdoor spaces

Implementation: Precise execution by our professional landscaping team

Maintenance Planning: Offering solutions for long-term upkeep and beauty

With Ponjevic Construction LLC, your commercial landscape transformation ensures a lasting impression, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal to enhance your business environment.

Our Landscaping Dedication to Commercial Remodeling

Sacramento Residential Home Remodeling Services - Local Expertise

At Ponjevic Construction LLC, we pride ourselves on our deep-rooted local expertise in Sacramento, CA, offering residential home remodeling services beyond the ordinary. Our unique understanding of regional styles and climates allows us to deliver solutions perfect for your home’s needs and the local environment.

We prioritize local materials that support the community and ensure quicker project completion. Each project reflects the homeowner’s personality and is crafted with individual care and attention. Our residential home remodeling services in Sacramento CA, solve common household issues like inefficient space usage, outdated designs, and poor energy efficiency.

We turn these problems into elegant, practical spaces that enhance daily living and increase property value, ensuring your home is beautiful and a joy to live in.

Our Services

What We Offer

Home Remodeling

Turn your living space into a personalized sanctuary with our residential home remodeling services in Sacramento CA. We ensure seamless home remodeling that enhances functionality while maintaining aesthetic integrity in every corner.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Reinvent your kitchen and bathroom with state-of-the-art renovations that blend style, efficiency, and luxury. From modern fixtures to custom cabinetry, improve these essential spaces to match your lifestyle, ensuring every detail is perfectly executed.


Create a breathtaking outdoor oasis with innovative landscaping designs combining natural beauty and functional outdoor living. From lush gardens to elegant hardscapes, turn your exterior spaces into stunning retreats that captivate and inspire.


Revitalize your home with expert painting contractors in Sacramento CA. Choose from a vibrant palette to refresh your walls and bring your décor dreams to life, ensuring each room reflects your unique taste and vibrancy.
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We always focus on following the latest trends, including breathtaking designs, smart technology integration, and safe materials for everyone.

Our process includes a detailed quote, transparent cost breakdowns, and regular communication to keep you informed and prevent surprises.

To secure your investment, our experienced and dedicated remodelers always recommend the best materials and ensure that every aspect of the remodeling process is flawless.

Depending on the scope, landscaping projects can take a few days to several weeks, which we’ll outline in your project timeline.

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Quality Materials

We source the finest materials from trusted suppliers, focusing on durability and aesthetic appeal. This commitment guarantees that our remodeling results are beautiful and lasting.

why choose us
Comprehensive Services

From initial design to giving the final touch, our full-spectrum services cover all aspects of remodeling. This seamless integration ensures a cohesive and stress-free experience for our clients.

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Ponjevic Construction LLC offers top residential home remodeling services in Sacramento CA. Trust our experts to renovate your space cost-effectively!

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